Friday, June 27, 2014

The Elder Dragon

The elder dragon looked down at the assembled heroes: The Fighter in her gleaming Armour and long broad sword, the Mage in his black robe and jeweled staff, and the Healer in his white robe already conjuring spells of protection. They had traveled far and defeated many evils in order to face the dragon that stood before them. Each adventurer had lived a life of woe and given everything up in order to vanquish the foe before them, thus saving the villages in the surrounding mountains. With a bone chilling battle cry the heroes charged the dragon.

The dragon sat on his hunches in a nonchalant way regarding the miniscule band of heroes charging towards him. With more of a yawn than any actually treat, the dragon opened it's mouth and let forth and great burst of magical flame and smoke. Before the heroes could react, they were vaporized in a poof of hydrogen leaving three piles of dust in their place. The dragon, feeling bored, decided to destroy a few villages before settling down for a quite night's dinner of roasted townsfolk.

© 2014 Mark Fiske

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